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          :: Straps & Belts ::  
          A beautiful leather belt will make or break an outfit. We present an incredible line of Leather Fashion Belts From elegant to downright stunning, the range promises exclusive designs made from genuine leather which will add a new dimensions to your outlook & personality. Belts are used in order to hold your pants up, but they do serve another purpose by adding a whole other dimension to your look. Belts are Manufactured in complete range of Formal, Semi Formal & Casual Wear.

          we offer a vast range of Designer Belts confirming to the international standards that includes designer leather belts, formal leather belts, casual leather belts, ladies leather belts, men's leather belts, handcrafted leather belts, italian leather belts, printed & embossed leather belts, etc.
          Antique Grainy look
          Color printed Crackle white
          Hair on Hand painting
          Metalic finish Natural look finish
          Natural look punch Plastic tread work