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            :: Vegetable Tanned Leather ::

          Vegetable tanning unit was established & started in 1964 near the bank of river Ganga with the aim to give eco friendly & Quality leather production to fulfill the growing need of the market.

            Main Products
          • Sole leather
          • Harness leather
          • Cycle Seat & picking band leather
          Sole leather is used in high quality shoes & footwear, As it,s name it is used in sole of a shoe, It is light in weight, flexible and tough to give shoe long life & durability. Its main quality which differs it from other sole is that it is natural, eco- friendly and hygienic for foot skin. It gives rich look & shape to the shoe & footwear. Its air breathing quality is unbeatable which makes the shoe comfortable.
          Harness leather is used in manufacturing of various leather items such as /heavy duty bags, belts, various saddlery items & accessories due to it's distinguished quality like Strength, flexibility, soft feel, thick substance , high tear strength, eco friendly , Hazardous chemical free & long life Character.
          • It is tanned with vegetable tanning materials, Syntans & oils which makes leather natural product.
          • It's high tear & wear strength give the products long life.
          • No hazardous or banned chemicals are used in leather tanning which make leather echo friendly & safe for skin & envoirment.
          • The breathing quality of leather makes it comfortable & incomparable.